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New Links About Alzheimer’s Epidemiology

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Interesting new links on

Alzheimers > Epidemiology:

Fears of Alzheimer’s explosion are ‘unfounded’, according to new study Dementia rates may be stabilising in the UK, according to new research….

Provocative study raises questions about human transmission of Alzheimer’s protein Alzheimer’s disease may be transmissible to humans through certain medical or surgical procedures…through treatment with human growth hormone from cadavers. [Please see the next link]

No, Alzheimer’s is not contagious …researchers caution their findings cannot be applied to the general population

Alzheimer’s Epidemiology: Two New Links

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Two New Links relating to Alzheimer’s epidemiology have been added in
Alzheimers > Epidemiology

The links are:

People are developing dementia earlier and dying of it more, a study shows     People are developing dementia a decade before they were 20 years ago…

Alzheimer’s is on the rise     [US Map]Projected Rise in Alzheimer’s Cases by 2025 [by state]