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Dementia: Hope & Despair for Patient & Caregiver

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Dasha Kiper has written a remarkable long piece about her year plus caring for a dementia patient. A shorter form was published as The deviousness of dementia while the longer version appeared as

Hope Is the Enemy: Caring for a patient suffering from dementia means coming to terms with the frustrating paradoxes of memory and language.

Links to both versions have been posted on Strong Brain in both
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More Links About Coping

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More stories of coping on

Alzheimers > Coping Stories

The new links are:

Everything my mom remembers: Our love and memories, her Alzheimer’s When my hippie, playful mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, our family was what really changed

Slipping Away Jo Aubin has Alzheimer’s. He’s 38.

Tableware designed for Alzheimer’s patients …Eatwell, an assistive tableware set designed specially for patients with cognitive impairments like Alzheimer’s.

New Links in Alzheimer’s Caregivers & Coping

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In Alzheimers > Caregivers:

When his father had Alzheimer’s, Jonathan Kozol learned how bleak gerontological care can be     “Good god, what happens to people who don’t have the advantages we had?”

In Alzheimers > Coping Stories:

My Mother, Lost and Found     Mom’s private caregiver, Ellen Knapp, has a term for this type of behavioral change: disinhibition

People Living With Alzheimer’s Can Still Enjoy Life     Almost all people with dementia, even those in the later stages of the disease, can enjoy life if they have the right support and environment.