Anti-Cancer Drug Might Lead to Alzheimer’s Preventatives

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Research has shown the potential for drugs based on the anti-cancer drug bexarotene to possibly act as “neurostatins” to ward off or prevent Alzheimer’s disease, much as statins are taken by people to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. The research was carried out in worms, so of course it will be some time before human trials can be completed.

Links to two articles about the research, as well as the research publication itself, have been posted in Alzheimer’s > Treatment > Drugs:

Alzheimer’s preventative drug hope

Potential Alzheimer’s Therapies May Result from Research Into Anti-Cancer Drug, Scientists Say

Research publication:
An anticancer drug suppresses the primary nucleation reaction that initiates the production of the toxic Aβ42 aggregates linked with Alzheimer’s disease

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