More on Drugs for Alzheimers

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We’ve added four more links reporting on possible drugs relating to Alzheimers, in:

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Here are the new links:

Roche steps up work on two experimental Alzheimer’s drugs      …crenezumab would now move into late-stage Phase III …and … fresh clinical trials using higher doses of gantenerumab…

Blood pressure medication may lower Alzheimer’s risk     Researchers believe that anti-hypertensive drugs used to treat high blood pressure may be lowering patients’ risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

Reduced Alzheimer’s risk linked to medicine for high blood pressure     …it’s possible that medications used to treat high blood pressure also lowers the risk for Alzheimer’s…

UPDATED: Eli Lilly offers evidence of twice-failed solanezumab’s impact on Alzheimer’s     Eli Lilly offered long-term evidence to show that its amyloid-busting drug solanezumab has a distinct impact on Alzheimer’s disease among early-stage patients…

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