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We’ve added a new page of links under Aging:

Aging > Useful Sponsored Web Pages for Seniors

Links to web pages are sent to us regularly by various commercial organizations, particularly for our Aging page. Some are ok for Strong Brain Blog, some have absolutely nothing to do with this blog, and some show their commercial origin, but the level of advertising is restrained.

We’ll be adding any reasonable new ones that arrive. Here’s a snapshot of the page right now:

Staying Healthy in Your Home as You Age
Simple Changes to Make Your Home Safe for Aging in Place
Make Your Bathroom Safer with a Walk-In Tub
Accommodating the Needs of a Multigenerational Household
Grab Bars: Why and How to Install Them

The complete medication management guide for seniors

Financial Assistance & Funding Options for Assisted Living / Senior Living

The Complete Guide to Home Modifications to Prevent Falls
Selling a Home with Modifications for Older Adults
Falls an Early Sign of Alzheimer’s
Fall Prevention & Mobility: Practical Safety and Organization Strategies for Seniors
Preventing Falls for a Person with Dementia
Senior Fall Prevention: A Roadmap for Navigating Resources and Benefits

Best Medical Alert Systems – 2019

Sleep Help for Seniors

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